flagle answer November, 12 2023

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Today we upload the correct flagle answer for you to help to find hidden flag of flagle unlimited game

A Quick information about flagle unlimited

Anyone who enjoys puzzle games and hasn’t played the well-known word-guessing game Wordle will regret it.

The word-guessing game paved the way for numerous game designers to create a puzzle game that is fun to play, accessible to all players, and compatible with all devices. What’s more, the FLAGLE game is one of the extraordinary side projects enlivened by Wordle.

Players won’t have to guess the exact solution word like in spanish Wordle in this variation. On the other hand, Flagle requires players to identify the secret flag of a random nation by arranging six blank squares around it. The game can be an ideal apparatus for individuals to look at their geology information.

How to play flagle unlimited game?

Tap the box that’s underneath the hidden flag. Choose any nation from the list that appears. You can pick any country at first glance, but make sure you know enough about where it is to use other geographical clues.

2 Make a second guess by using clues about the direction and distance between the selected country and the destination country.

3 Number of kilometers will show you how far the objective nation is.

4 The direction in which you should look for the nation whose flag is hidden will be indicated by the arrow.

5 There are six attempts to identify the proper nation. After each unsuccessful attempt, a new section of the flag will be opened until the entire flag is displayed.

Correct flagle answer?

Flagle answer for 12/November/2023 is:

New Zealand

New Zealand flag

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